Who we work with

We’re proud to work closely with the higher education and research sector as it works towards advancing gender equity, diversity and inclusion.

Across Australia, there are 42 universities and almost 60 medical research institutions. Together they employ more than 220,000 people, and bring in an annual revenue of over $37.8 billion.

SAGE supports a vast majority of this sector. Our subscriber institutions account for 87% of all university employees and 51% of medical research employees. 

Explore the logos below to find out how these organisations are working with SAGE, and how they are progressing through the internationally-recognised Athena Swan framework.

SAGE accreditation and awards

By becoming a SAGE subscriber, your organisation will join a national network of institutions and individuals committed to eliminating systemic and cultural barriers to gender equity, diversity and inclusion.

Gender equity in higher education and research

Equitable, diverse and inclusive workplaces are more productive and innovative, and achieve better outcomes.

To advance Australia’s research performance and productivity, we need to improve gender equity, diversity and inclusion in the Australian higher education and research sector.

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