Intersectionality is a framework to describe how systems of power and oppression (e.g. racism, and sexism) interlock to shape people’s lived experiences, work and well-being, based on their multiple identities (e.g. their race and gender).

Viewing higher education through an intersectional lens lets us identify patterns, drivers and intervention points that we would not otherwise see if we were only considering these systems or identities one at a time.

In this three-part webinar, members of the UK Athena Swan and Race Equality Charters explore how we can apply an intersectional lens to data collection and analysis. You’ll learn all about:

  • the importance of intersectionality, particularly in:
    • working together to create richer self-analysis
    • creating psychological safety
    • developing cultural competency
  • how to collect and analyse your data in an intersectional way
  • ways to present data effectively
  • why intersectionality is an evolving topic that requires ongoing discussion

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