Previously on the Intersectionality Series, we learned how to collect quantitative and qualitative data in an intersectional way. But what do you do once you have that data?

In this webinar, we look at ways to analyse and spot nuances in your data using an intersectional lens. Our expert speakers also share tips for helping others understand the data and what they should do about it.


  • Denise Beckwith, Western Sydney University
  • Dr Tyson Yunkaporta, Senior Lecturer – Indigenous Knowledges, Deakin University
  • Donna Moodie, Lecturer – Contextual Studies in Education, University of New England
  • Dr Kelly Menzel, Senior Lecturer in Indigenous Knowledge, Southern Cross University
  • Professor Kay Latham, Dean of STEMM Diversity and Inclusion, RMIT University
  • Associate Professor Robyn Barnacle, Academic Lead – Research Education and Supervisor Training, RMIT University
  • Dr Leul Sidelil, Research Assistant, RMIT University

Who should watch this

We think you’ll find this session useful if your work involves:

  • analysing data from surveys of people in your organisation
  • evaluating the uptake or success of programs targeted at people in your organisation, especially those that have implications for equity, diversity and inclusion
  • reporting to (or trying to engage) senior management on equity, diversity and inclusion

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