Previously in the Intersectionality Series, we outlined the guiding ethical principles for collecting diversity data. This time, we delve into the specifics of asking for demographic data, such as how to co-design demographic questions and response options, avoid deficit indicators and manage access to the data collected.

Our speakers discuss:

  • how Edith Cowan University created, maintains and uses its enterprise-wide gender data dashboard;
  • basic principles of Indigenous data sovereignty and why they matter for data stewardship; and
  • tips for collecting data on gender and sexuality.


Bobby Maher

  • Maiam nayri Wingara Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Data Sovereignty Collective
  • PhD Candidate & Research Associate, Research School of Population Health, Australian National University

Nicole Stewart

HR Business (Planning) Analyst, Edith Cowan University.

Joel Anderson

Senior Lecturer in Social Psychology, Australian Catholic University.

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