Is recruitment a Barrier in your organisation? Are some groups of people getting hired at a higher rate than others?

In this video, we’ll look at how you can explore the different stages of the recruitment process to see whether, and where, inequities may exist in your organisation’s recruitment process. We’ll show you how some of our SAGE subscribers explored recruitment in their Bronze Award applications.

Relevant section in the Athena Swan Bronze Award application

  • 4.1(i) for higher education institutions
  • 4.1(i) for research institutions

What we’ll discuss

  • Our ‘Barriers as gates’ analogy
  • Why it’s important to consider all genders, not just men and women
  • The importance of looking at the stages in the recruitment process and proportion of cohort
  • How disaggregating data by discipline may uncover additional insights
  • Why you need to understand the issue before developing interventions

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