Are misconceptions about disabilities holding you back from hiring people with disabilities? We’ve summarised a fantastic review of common employer concerns and what can be done to address them.

Concern #1: There aren’t enough qualified people with disabilities.

There may be more potential candidates with disabilities than you think.

Many disabilities are physical or psychological conditions that have no visible features, such as arthritis or depression. They may also be episodic – the symptoms may be minor some days/weeks/months, and worse at other times.

Some people may choose to conceal their disabilities, fearing that it could negatively affect how they are perceived or treated in the workplace.

It’s also possible that your recruitment practices could be deterring people with disabilities from applying.

What employers can do

  • Train managers and co-workers. Improve their knowledge of disabilities and how to interact with people with disabilities at work.
  • Provide support for disclosure discussions. Prepare managers and HR personnel to have safe and constructive conversations around disclosure.

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