If unequal pay is unlawful in Australia, how is it that we still have a gender pay gap?

In this video, we’ll use examples from our SAGE subscribers’ Bronze Award applications to show you how you can use different approaches to explore your pay equity data to get a complete picture on whether, where and why pay gaps exist in your institution.

Relevant section in the Athena Swan Bronze Award application

  • 3.1(vi) for higher education institutions
  • 3.1(v) for research institutions

What we’ll discuss

  • Types of pay gap: organisation-wide, like-for-like and by-level
  • How to calculate pay gaps
  • Why it’s important to look at both base salary and total remuneration
  • Some reasons a pay gap might exist, and whether the gap can be justified
  • Staff perceptions on remuneration
  • The importance of taking an intersectional approach to exploring pay equity

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