A silence has traditionally prevailed around menopause, limiting knowledge about how women experience menopause in workplace contexts, and what support employers can offer. In recent years, researchers and organisations have begun to tackle this taboo.

In this webinar, Gavin Jack and Kathleen Riach outline the current state of play around menopause and work. They also discuss evidence-based best practice and strategies around supporting working women through menopause, with particular emphasis on facilitating inclusive cultures and policies.

As part of this, they introduce a suite of free online resources called MIPO (Menopause at Work – Menopause Information Pack for Organizations), which is based on eight years of research exploring women’s experience of menopause at work.

About the speakers

Gavin Jack is a Professor of Management and the Associate Dean Research Impact at Monash Business School, Monash University. Kathleen Riach is a Professor of Organizational Studies at the Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow, UK.


  • Using the Embed–Enable–Acknowledge–Accept framework to support employees experiencing menopause
  • Micro-accommodations (e.g. providing a desk fan for hot flushes) can have a huge positive impact on work experience and mental health
  • In the Q&A: Finding unexpected advocates and ways to encourage more workers to learn about menopause

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