This is a special webinar delivered by Dr Lucie Joschko, Manager, Staff Equity and Diversity, Monash University.

Lucie has been involved in the SAGE Athena Swan project at Monash from its very start and has witnessed how it generated an unparalleled momentum in the university. She shares insights on the way Monash managed their Athena Swan Bronze application, including:

  1. Setting up a successful self-assessment team (SAT) and the need for a regular membership review
  2. Managing milestones within distinct project phases over the 2.5 year period (Discovery, Consultation and Completion), followed by post-award implementation
  3. Early implementation of quick wins (why, how and examples)
  4. Investment into tailored Athena Swan data reports
  5. Broader, thematically based working groups, led by individual SAT members
  6. Engaging in consultation with staff through dedicated surveys, focus groups and forums
  7. Setting up a governance structure with a reporting line to the Vice-Chancellor
  8. Developing a comprehensive evidence-led action plan
  9. Seeking endorsement of the Athena Swan Action Plan (including costing it)
  10. General tips for success

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