As part of her doctoral research, Alicia Pearce has been interviewing practitioners and union officials across the Australian university sector since January 2023, gathering their professional insight about the way the sector prevents and addresses workplace harassment – and what needs to change.

In this webinar, she outlines the recent, complementary reforms to work health and safety, anti-discrimination and workplace relations laws. These changes will place new requirements on employers to create effective prevention and complaints mechanisms, with victim welfare at the centre.

How should the sector implement new positive duties on employers to prevent and address workplace sexual harassment? What are universities currently doing, and what do practitioners tell us would make a difference? Alicia shares some research-informed insights on common barriers to best practice.

About the speaker

Alicia Pearce is a policy practitioner with expertise in practical reform for workplace and workforce gender equity. This research is conducted with the support of the Quentin Bryce Scholarship at UTS Law and forms part of Alicia’s doctoral research.

Alicia works as the Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Consultant at The George Institute for Global Health. Previously, she set up and rolled out the Athena Swan program at UTS, with a background in unions and government on law reform policy and campaigns projects.

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