Mentoring can be an effective tool to support women and other underrepresented groups in careers within the science sector. 

For the last 6 years, the grassroots social enterprise Franklin Women has delivered a cross-organisation mentoring program within the NSW health and medical research sector. This gender equity initiative supports mid-career women to progress into leadership roles, while also helping mentors (leaders of any gender) understand diversity and inclusion and their role in shifting workplace cultures. 

In this webinar, Dr Melina Georgousakis walks us through the implementation of this program. She also presents the results from a mixed-methods evaluation, which show that the program is meeting its aims. 

Melina’s presentation is followed by a panel discussion with a past mentee and mentor from a SAGE subscriber organisation. The panellists reflect on their individual experiences during the program as well as the impact it had on their teams and wider organisation. 


  • Dr Melina Georgousakis, Founder, Franklin Women 
  • Helen Monaghan, Global Program Manager (Women’s Health Program) and Director of Global Project Operations, The George Institute of Global Health  
  • Dr Hueiming Liu, Senior Research Fellow, Health Systems Science, The George Institute of Global Health 


  • Professor Renae Ryan, Academic Director of SAGE, The University of Sydney

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