Through a mixed methods study, Dr Kate Christian explored the challenges faced by early-career researchers (ECRs) in the sciences in Australia and the effect of those challenges on their careers. In this webinar, she presents her findings, as well as a series of recommendations which could lead to a change of culture and benefit the wellbeing of ECRs in STEMM without incurring significant cost.

About the speaker

Dr Kate Christian has worked in health and medical research for over 30 years, where she has managed research projects and assisted scientists, especially early-career scientists, with management of themselves and their research. She recently completed her PhD at Federation University Australia.


  • Australian ECRs love their work, but many consider leaving their positions due to job insecurity.
  • Harassment, questionable research practices and lack of supervisory support seem to affect them equally, with little difference based on gender or country of origin
  • Institutions should create an environment where people feel safe to report bullying and harassment, and also train supervisors to manage career development of ECRs.

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