Advancing gender equity in a COVID-19 world

Headshot of SAGE Ltd CEO Dr Wafa El-Adhami
SAGE Ltd CEO Dr Wafa El-Adhami

CEO of SAGE Ltd, Dr Wafa El-Adhami, says despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, the pandemic is demonstrating how SAGE and Australia’s higher education and research sector are continuing to innovate in their approaches to addressing gender equity and diversity. 

SAGE Ltd CEO Dr Wafa El-Adhami features in episode 5 of Think Difference. In this episode, Dr El-Adhami discusses the impact and future of SAGE as it transitions to a national program in the midst of a pandemic. 

“We all acknowledge and recognise the challenges,” says Dr El-Adhami, who has led the SAGE initiative since June 2016. 

“What we need to make sure of is to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our SAGE members.” 

“Our new approach for the silver pathway will allow institutions to prioritise their key actions from their action plans across two levels – whole of institution and localised areas within institutions. We’ve got great support across the sector for the new design.” 

“We do need to think more creatively about how we continue to support our members in their implementation, particularly given the challenges they are all going through.” 

“We’ve got this international dimension in the next twelve months to really make sure gender equity, diversity and inclusion stay front and centre, especially in the current circumstances. Of course it’s challenging, but it could not be more exciting.” 

SAGE is now accepting new subscribers from Australian universities, medical research institutes and publicly funded research agencies. 

In the podcast, Dr El-Adhami also reflects on her own upbringing and career in STEMM. 

Born and raised in Kuwait, Dr El-Adhami’s passion for science was nurtured by her parents, who wanted to give their six children the education that they missed out on. 

“The passion and compassion they had to make sure they gave us every opportunity to be educated contributed to who I am as a person.” 

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