Women’s representation in some STEM disciplines has remained stubbornly low for too long. In 2016, the University of Melbourne decided it was time for more radical approaches to address this chronic underrepresentation. Their targeted recruitment strategy not only attracted more high-calibre talent than traditional recruitment, but also contributed to broader cultural change.

In this episode, Professor Marilys Guillemin, Professor Elaine Wong and Associate Professor Georgina Such discuss the rationale behind this approach, strategies for preventing backlash and complementary actions to support the newly hired women—and indeed all staff—to thrive at work.

Want to know more? If you’re a staff member or student at SAGE subscriber institution, you can watch the full webinar ‘Targeted recruitment for gender equity’.

Following the production of this episode, we are pleased to share that guest speaker Dr Georgina Such was promoted to Associate Professor. SAGE extends our warm congratulations to Georgina.