Transgender relates to an identity and experience of gender that is different from the sex assigned at birth. Affirmation is the process transgender individuals go through in order to affirm and live their true identity. Within these broad definitions is a diverse range of people undertaking a process that is unique to each individual in terms of the length, stages and complexity.

In 2018, Deakin recognised the need for students and staff affirming their gender to have access to timely and personalised support. In the absence of managers or other staff with the confidence, skills and capability to support them, students and staff affirming their gender were left to advocate for themselves and repeatedly tell their story in order to update their records.

To address this, the Diversity Equity & Inclusion Division led a broad collaboration to develop the Gender Affirmation Procedure, which sets out the administrative and wellbeing supports for students and staff on their individual gender affirmation journeys.

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