One of the greatest challenges of a SAGE action plan is determining how to implement such a large number of actions within an organisation. The Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG) has successfully begun implementing their action plan using small and agile Tiger Teams.

Consisting of four to six staff members, these teams take on up to three actions for a period of approximately three to six months. Staff members are supported by their supervisors and their contributions are recognised within their performance agreements.

This short burst of energy for a specific action allows more staff to be involved in changing the culture of the organisation. The Tiger Teams at DSTG have achieved progress on actions related to flexible work, extended leave and setting targets. The teams are supported by a SAGE Manager and a Gender Champion to ensure they have the resources and budget to achieve their actions.

These small teams have proven extremely effective for DSTG and may be a way forward for other SAGE organisations. Would you consider using a Tiger Team for your next initiative?

Screenshots showing the August, September and October 2020 issues of DSTG's staff magazine