Edith Cowan University (ECU) has received a SAGE Cygnet Award for reducing gender disparities in the School of Engineering.

ECU exceeded their original targets for the School of Engineering, achieving a 200% increase in female academics since 2017.

SAGE CEO Dr Janin Bredehoeft congratulated the team at ECU for taking meaningful action.

“By tackling the barriers women faced in the hiring process they have made small but significant gains.

“ECU has not only begun recruiting more women but are making concrete plans to ensure they are retained and promoted, showing that their goal is to embed sustainable change.

“This wouldn’t have been possible without an institutional commitment to analysing their own gender data and meaningful support from the university’s senior leadership.”

ECU Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Regional Futures) and Athena Swan Lead, Professor Cobie Rudd said, “It’s an honour to have received our third Cygnet Award”.

“We are fully committed to increasing the representation of women in STEMM,” Professor Rudd said.

“Embracing diversity in STEMM not only fosters a richer tapestry of perspectives but also enhances the intellectual rigor of our academic community. By actively striving to increase the representation of women in STEM, ECU not only promotes equity but also unlocks untapped potential, propelling innovation and excellence in scientific discovery.”

About the Award

SAGE Cygnet Awards are earned by organisations demonstrating progress and impact in removing or reducing barriers to gender equality.

This is the University’s third SAGE Cygnet Award, showing their accelerating progress towards Silver Athena Awan Accreditation: Five Cygnet Awards are required to be eligible to apply for Silver.

ECU’s two previous  SAGE Cygnet Awards were for Flexible Work and Women in STEMM.