The population of people identifying as transgender or gender diverse (TGD) is becoming increasingly visible, which requires organisations to be inclusive of all gender identities.

Robin Ladwig’s research about work experiences and career development for transgender and gender diverse individuals aims to narrow the knowledge gap about TGD-specific enablers and barriers regarding the inclusion of gender diversity.

In this webinar, Robin outlines how you can foster an inclusive work culture and environment for transgender and gender diverse employees.


  • Employers need to balance gender neutrality and gender inclusivity. For example, offer employees a choice of male, female and unisex uniforms.
  • Show support by educating yourself (especially on generic issues) and using people’s preferred pronouns.
  • In the Q&A: what’s the best way to include gender diverse people in events like International Women’s Day?

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Thank you to the webinar participants who suggested many of the fabulous resources on this list.

Self-education resources


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Guidelines, policies and entitlements for gender affirmation

Policies are living documents, and should always be developed and reviewed in consultation with the people they affect the most. However, if you would like to refer to policies from other organisations as a starting point, here are some examples that were shared by webinar participants:

Once you have a policy in place, don’t forget to check if it’s being implemented correctly and if it is serving its intended purpose. For example, if your organisation offers gender affirmation leave, how many times has this leave been granted? Was it easy for to apply for and did people feel supported during that process?

Days of significance

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