Deadline for submissions extended to Monday 5 September 2022, 10 am AEST

In 2021, a tri-partite working group was established to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing between Science in Australia Gender Equity (SAGE) Limited, Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) and the Victorian Commission for Gender Equality.

The group aimed to explore solutions to harmonise data requirements and data sets to enable the principle of ‘collect once, report multiple times’ and thereby reduce duplication of effort and administrative burden for SAGE subscriber institutions.

In line with these aims, the SAGE Data Framework has been developed to:

  • deliver a fit-for-purpose framework to inform future assessment and reporting on the outcome and impact arising from the implementation of SAGE accreditation pathways, including Athena Swan Charter Australia; and
  • achieve consistency and comparability with relevant data sources and information where practical.

Initially developed by the Australian Council for Educational Research(ACER) as part of the SAGE Pilot evaluation, the Framework has been designed based on the analysis of key data collected by SAGE for the accreditation of Athena Swan Bronze Awards and maps key metrics to existing national data sources, specifically those relevant and already used by SAGE subscribers.

The Framework has been informed by research and structured consultation, including:

  • review of research on the measurement of gender inequity in higher education and research and mapping of available data sources
  • input from SAGE subscribers collected via interviews and workshops
  • dedicated SAGE expert groups comprised of representatives of key organisations responsible for the collection and reporting on relevant data sources and nominees from SAGE subscribers who have expertise in the area of data, statistics and measurement.

Consultation process

The proposed SAGE Data Framework is now open for consultation. The Framework is incomplete in its current form and will be further developed and refined based on feedback from SAGE subscribers and stakeholders before its final release for implementation.

To allow more SAGE subscriber institutions to provide feedback on the Framework, the consultation has been extended to 10 am AEST, Monday 5 September 2022.

Review the Proposed Data Framework (.PDF)

If you’re a staff member or student from a SAGE subscribing institution, you can access the Data Framework by signing in to the SAGE website using your institutional email address. Click ‘Sign in’ below.

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