Note to Cygnet Award applicants

As Cygnet Award applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis, one institution’s application is not indicative of how much additional information another institution may be asked to provide.

Should the group of reviewers make a More Information Request, they will set a word limit on responses to help institutions gauge the amount of additional information desired.

For advice on preparing your Cygnet Award application, please refer to the guidance materials on the SAGE website or contact the SAGE advisory team at

For guidance on responding to More Information Requests, contact the Peer Review Secretariat at

For improved readability, ECU’s published application consolidates their original submission and their response to the reviewers’ request for more information. However, the cover page contains links to download both documents separately if desired.

Cygnet Award applicants also submit a document describing their institutional context. While this information is not assessable, reviewers will take into consideration any contextual factors that may have affected the activities, outcomes and impact described in the application.

Key barrier Flexible work arrangements
Cygnet number 1/5 to Silver
Date submitted 25 March 2022