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Our vision

At SAGE, we are guided by our vision for Australia’s tertiary education and research sector to be leaders in best practice gender equity, diversity and inclusion.

Our commitment

True to our values, we commit to supporting you throughout your SAGE accreditation journey.

We will support you by:

  • Providing a fit-for-purpose and sustainable accreditation model
  • Sharing valuable resources regularly, engaging and equipping you to become a champion of gender equity, diversity and inclusion
  • Collaborating with you and building enduring partnerships across the tertiary education and research sector, and with peak bodies and policymakers within government
  • Advocating for identified needs of the sector

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Our interactions with you will be:

EFFICIENT | We will communicate with you in a timely manner via various channels by:

  • answering queries within one working day and mail correspondence within five working days.
  • providing you with accurate, up to date and complete information when you need it.

RESPONSIVE | We will identify tailored solutions for your needs by:

  • having expert advisors to guide you on Athena Swan and Cygnet Awards, data analytics and current evidence.
  • seeking improvement to our services.

RELIABLE | We will ensure completion on all our interactions within five working days of receipt.

  • If we cannot answer during that time, we will send you an acknowledgement and let you know when to expect a reply.

INCLUSIVE | We will recognise and aim to accommodate and meet the varied needs of institutions by:

  • being approachable, respectful and proactive in our communication and support.
  • providing flexible and accessible service delivery methods.

TRANSPARENT | We will ensure that all aspects of our processes and interactions with you are transparent by:

  • publishing all relevant information on the SAGE website
  • maintaining currency and accuracy of information on the SAGE website
  • consulting widely when revising or developing new guidelines and resources to ensure the views of all subscribers are considered

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Help us help you

  • Nominate points of contact for SAGE within your institution (administrator, coordinator, lead, self-assessment team, media and communications, and others) and let us know if these change.
  • Be active participants in regional network meetings, national network meetings, SAGE events, webinars and workshops.
  • Share your knowledge and experience to support the SAGE community: contribute to the SAGE Capacity Building Newsletter, the Think Difference podcast and specialist webinars.


Feedback includes compliments, complaints and suggestions about accreditation, service delivery or performance. We value your feedback and invite you to tell us if you feel that our services or performance do not meet the expected standards or are unsatisfactory. Your feedback informs us on the services we deliver and what we can improve.

We are committed to resolving matters respectfully, fairly, confidentially and responsively.

Before you make a formal complaint, we ask that you discuss your concerns with the SAGE team member who usually manages your area of concern. If you are not satisfied with their response, please email feedback@sciencegenderequity.org.au.

If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction, you should submit a formal complaint using the SAGE complaints form. We recognise that some complaints may be resolved quickly, whilst complex matters may require more time to resolve. We will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within one working day and aim to resolve the matter within five working days; you will be informed should the matter necessitate more than five days to resolve.

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